IP Transit

IP transit takes the complexity out of networks with simple scalability.

Take the leap to carrier-grade networking. Superloop IP transit delivers a carrier-grade internet service solution for both service providers and enterprises.

With a modern and best-in-class network backed by our expert engineers, Superloop IP Transit is a high bandwidth, resilient and scalable solution for your connectivity needs.

  • Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Medium to Large Businesses


Go gigabit today. Superloop IP transit offers superfast networking interfaces to support your growth. Start at 10Mbps and tap into a scalable link up to 10Gbps with a standards-based interface.


Enter a new era of network flexibility. Superloop IP transit can be deployed across fibre, fixed wireless (AU), datacentre cross-connects and third-party access (AU) links.

Unlimited Data

Don’t be tied down with limited data quotas. Superloop’s IP transit service offers an unlimited data quota and you can take advantage both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in a dual stack.

Security & Service

Scale with confidence. Superloop IP transit comes with security and denial-of-service protection built in. BGP peering is also supported. Any questions, just ask our 24/7 support team.