Susana Halliday, Hong Kong Country Manager of Superloop and Project Leader for TKO Express, announced to a packed media reception that TKO Express is now live.

“Early in the design stage, our networks architects raised a critical problem with diverse connectivity to data centres within the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, due geographical and physical constraints along Wan Po Road. Many of our customers would not accept a network with a single area of failure, particularly those in the finance sector, so we developed an alternative solution with the TKO Express cable system, to provide a geographically separate route for this exceptionally important area.”

Susana Halliday, Hong Kong Manager and Project Leader for TKO Express.

“It’s been an incredible experience being part of the team who planned and commissioned this network. The full extent of how essential the TKO Express cable system is for improving network reliability in this area has become increasingly apparent since going live. Most of our customers rely on our network to ensure the success of their business, they have exceptionally high standards, and the positive feedback we have received on our network in Hong Kong has been extraordinary.”

Media attendees included, but not limited to:

  • South China Morning Post
  • Ta Kung Pao
  • E-zone
  • PC Market
  • CommsDay
  • Tech Apple
  • Sing Tao Daily

The TKO Express project began in 2014 and after extensive planning and construction, the first customers came online in May of this year.