Take control of your business with cloud and managed IT services with our group of experts.

Superloop's advanced cloud services capability delivers immediate business outcomes without the burden of a traditional IT outsourcing contract. Complex environments can be streamlined and the flexible pay-as-you-go operating model ensures improved reliability and better employee productivity.

  • Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud
  • Managed Storage & Data Protection

Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud

Superloop's Private Cloud offering provides customers with a scalable and highly automated cloud environment underpinned with enterprise classed service levels so that your business can focus on its customers.

Superloop can also extend your environment into the public cloud, enabling your business with a hybrid cloud strategy - to achieve the right balance of architecture for optimal application performance, data security, application accessibility, operational efficiency and cost savings.

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Cost Management

Superloop's Private cloud offers businesses a predictable cost model for consuming cloud services. Avoid the upfront costs of infrastructure upgrades or the risk of fluctuating monthly bills.


One size fits none. Design the right cloud architecture and service portfolio for your business requirements, from virtual servers to analytics and reporting. Superloop can optimise your cloud journey from the start


Avoid costly outsourcing and staffing commitments with Superloop's managed services. Our support is proactive, ensuring you don't end up with cloud services not working for your business.


Hybrid cloud delivers the ultimate in IT agility. Choose the right service for the right workload, and if the application or business requirement changes, hybrid affords the flexibility to move with it.

Data protection matters. Keep your business online.

Your IT operations are critical to business success. Our managed storage services are designed to protect cloud and on-premises data and keep your business running in the event of a problem.

Superloop's Managed Storage service takes away the uncertainty of cloud data retention and recovers critical systems from our secure data centres.

Managed Storage