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Superloop has built a network that was designed for some of the biggest technology companies in the world.

By replacing and expanding the existing telecommunications infrastructure, the nbn™ is ensuring that all Australians have access to fast, reliable internet access. That means better online shopping, streaming, gaming, banking, socialising and browsing, Australia-wide.

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A powerful network is now at your doorstep

Not all nbn™ plans are created equal. Sure, all providers buy the same wholesale nbn™ connections and on-sell them to residential customers. But the nbn™ only carries traffic between your home network and your provider's domestic or ‘backhaul' network. Beyond this point, it's up to your service provider. We built Superloop's backhaul network the way we like it – business class. With no need to lease capacity from other providers, complete control of network configuration, and precise traffic management, only Superloop delivers the very best nbn™ experience.

nbn™ Plans

How the NBN Works

The Superloop difference

When you're using the internet, we want to make sure you're getting the best possible connection. Superloop has engineered dedicated backhaul to all 121 nbn™POI's ensuring full control over the end user experience. This attention to detail is lost when you connect to smaller, cheaper providers as they need to outsource this network. With Superloop, our network is directly linked, so if anything goes wrong, we can pinpoint the problem instantly.

In-house Support Team
In-house Support

Our highly-trained support team is committed to keeping you connected

Powerful network design
Powerful Network Design

We have built a powerful system that decreases congestion at peak times