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Superloop Fixed Wireless allows you to connect to one of the most advanced networks in Australia, through the air. Avoid frustration and delay - connect now.

Never worry about performance again

Connect to our network, and you will never worry about performance again

We're building a national Fixed Wireless network that will completely change the way we connect in years to come. The technology is continually advancing, giving you a powerful way to connect, without the nbn™. Since we provide the last mile over fixed wireless, we can connect you to our own international network that is used by some of the biggest compaines in the world.

Live in Adelaide? You might be able to get connected to fixed wireless now!

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How fixed wireless works

Superloop Fixed Wireless uses Line-of-Sight Point-to-Point and Point-to-multipoint radio technology. A radio dish is mounted to the roof of a premises and is faced in the direction of a nearby Superloop Internet radio tower, and if the line-of-sight is clear with no obstructions, a high-speed internet service is delivered to the premises.

The data is then delivered into the premises by an Ethernet lead-in cable to an internal data wall socket. A Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) adapter is then connected to the wall socket to power the dish and retrieve the data. A standard home WiFi router is then connected to the PoE adapter to broadcast the data throughout the house, or to connect devices to physically with an Ethernet LAN cable.

How Fixed Wireless Works