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Control your data flow securely, confidently and privately

Point to point connectivity solutions for unique enterprise requirements.

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Control Your Data

Finding a total connectivity solution for your business can be quite a challenge. Your business relies on fast, reliable and secure connectivity services to financial exchanges (Like the SGX), disaster recovery sites, customer and other financial institutions.

Superloop understands the importance effective data management. The Superloop network has been deployed using the latest fibre technology in an agile configuration – for the best quality and speed of data transmission.


Superloop Offers Secure, Low-latency Connectivity Solutions

On point-to-point connectivity solution designed for Enterprise

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Data Integrity and Security

Ensuring data security and integrity is a vital part of complex data management. Every business must be incorporate it into the foundation of a comprehensive top-down approach to data security.

A connectivity solution from Superloop utilises a multifaceted approach to securing your data. The fibre optic links run directly from your secure servers within your premise and terminates at your required data centre or secondary location. This type of connection means that no one can intercept your data at building junctions, keeping it secure. Your ‘cable’ is dedicated to you – there is no sharing, a completely dedicated connection for your business.

Complete Network Control

A connectivity solution from Superloop  gives you complete network control. Your end-to-end equipment suits your exact specifications and can be upgraded when it suits you.

Tailored Agile Solutions

Speed and reliability are essential, especially when milliseconds count.

Our network has the shortest paths between the Singapore Stock Exchange and key business districts.

Let our team provide you with an innovative agile solution that can easily and rapidly respond to any future business challenges.

Robust Data Transmission

Data is at the heart of your business and ensuring rapid data delivery while maintaining transmission quality is at the heart of ours.

Our networks are constructed from the latest in fibre technology and designed to ensure a high standard of data transmission quality.

Forward Thinking Network Security

Our networks have been designed with data security from the ground up.

Heavy ongoing investments in security makes the Superloop network the most secure in the Asia Pacific region.


Extraordinary networks for performance-demanding global carriers

Superloop’s solutions are engineered from the ground up to suit the most demanding network requirements.

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Global carriers and providers trust us

You benefit from industry veterans who are well known and have extensive experience in Telecommunications infrastructure. The Superloop team have a proven track record in building and operating the most advanced and reliable networks in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our connectivity solutions are tailored to scale up or down, meeting your current and future capacity demands. As your business grows, our technology has the speed and capability to adapt and expand to meet your network requirements.

The cloud, mobility, video, big data and IoT are changing the way companies do business

Superloop offers cutting edge connectivity solutions in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our vision is to become the leading independent provider of connectivity services across the Asia Pacific region. We are making great strides turning vision into reality. Superloop has built secure, world class networks that telecommunications, media and financial institutions depend on.

Superloop’s Dark Fibre, Metro Ethernet Access, Ethernet Backhaul, Wavelength connectivity solutions have been designed and constructed to achieve these objectives and give you complete control.


Movie and game production studios require enormous amount of bandwidth

In the entertainment industry, bandwidth can make or break a release deadline. Data-heavy, high resolution media is produced in a collaborative interconnected ecosystem on a global scale. The ability to move enormous amounts of data quickly keeps production on schedule.

Superloop’s media solutions have already been utilized by production studios in some globally recognized film franchises, including:

  • The Wolverine
  • Fury Road
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Terminator: Salvation
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • Happy Feet 2
  • The Harry Potter series
  • Batman Begins
  • Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  • And many more.
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Superloop Media provides

  • The fastest means available of moving huge datasets containing dailies and scans, motion capture, sound and effects around the globe, or even just down the street
  • The ability to bring together multiple local and international locations to a single, secure point
  • A range of options such as videoconferencing, video streaming, Voice over IP, transfer of film rushes and scans, and collaboration tools
  • Private connectivity between dispersed facilities or between facilities and on-demand infrastructure providers

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