Superloop Founder & CEO Bevan Slattery Inducted into CommsDay’s Hall of Fame

At the inaugural Edison Awards, Bevan Slattery, was recognised for his major contribution to the development of Australia’s telecommunications industry, with his induction into the CommsDay Hall of Fame.

Making it a night to remember, BigAir, part of the Superloop Group, won the award for the Best Fixed Wireless Operator. Read more here.

The Edisons are CommsDay’s new award program for the Australian Telecommunications Industry, and are designed to reward excellence in a number of categories.

Mr Slattery is one of Australia’s greatest technology entrepreneurs, founding some of the most successful ICT companies including telecommunications infrastructure provider, PIPE Networks and independent data centre provider, NextDC.

As one of only two inductees into the CommsDay Hall of fame, Mr Slattery said it was an honour and a privilege to work in the telecommunications industry. “All I am is a change agent, and my vision is to create innovation and change, hopefully for the better,” he said. “This for me is an award that I’m incredibly honoured and humbled by.”

“It is sincerely a recognition of the entire industry and their support of a vision that ultimately will change broadband, change the Internet, and change everything, particularly for this country, but potentially also in Asia.”

Ziggy Switkowski, current NBN chairman and former CEO of both Telstra and Optus, was also inducted into the CommsDay Hall of Fame.

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