The team lands and goes right to work

The Superloop & BigAir team set to work soon after landing in Airlie Beach. Team members were busy gathering supplies, including fuel for the…

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Powering up Airlie Beach: The Superloop & BigAir pre-flight shopping list

It takes quite a lot of equipment to get a network up and powered, especially when a region has been hit by a disaster…

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Superloop and BigAir team charge into Airlie Beach

Superloop and BigAir workers from across Australia are both onsite and heading into Airlie Beach to bring communications back into the devastated community following…

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Airlie Beach without power or communications – Superloop + BigAir responds immediately!

In the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie, the Airlie Beach community has been left without power or communications. Holidaymakers and backpackers are unable to let…

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