Fox Studiios

Fox Studios is now On Net

Superloop has extended its core Sydney network to connect to Fox Studios at Moore Park, the largest integrated entertainment facility in the southern hemisphere….

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Twice the Protection

Recently we talked about why we need to protect TKO Express, but how do we do it? The first layer of protection is actually an…

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On board with TKO Express

  Work on the onshore activities of TKO Express is progressing quickly. Shortly after the cable’s arrival it was tested to make sure it…

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Superloop Founder & CEO Bevan Slattery Launches Our Hong Kong Network

  After more than two years in the making, our Hong Kong core network was officially launched with a celebration at The Watermark in…

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Superloop Lights Up Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong network is now live, and we celebrated with a party at The Watermark, Hong Kong Island, to mark the Company’s latest…

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TKO Express has landed

TKO Express has arrived on schedule in Hong Kong, in preparation for being laid across Victoria Harbour. The 1728-core fibre optic cable was transported…

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Protecting TKO Express

  Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour is one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Estimates indicate an average of 220,000 ships – ocean going and…

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