TKO Express

Discover why shorter is better,
on Hong Kong’s first subsea fibre connection between Chai Wan and Tseung O Industrial Estate

  • 18.2 km shorter
  • True geographical diversity
  • Fastest route to HKEX*

What is TKO Express?

True geographical diversity for Financial institutions, global carriers, ISPs and Enterprises in Hong Kong

TKO Express is the first domestic submarine cable to directly link Chai Wan and Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate. It is the only truly diverse network path connecting these two areas.

Chai Wan
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate
True geographical Diversity

TKO Express is the first path to offer true geographical diversity into Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate (TKO). At TKO, connectivity to major data centres and cable landing stations converge, with available paths built on either side of a single, narrow road. A major incident on the road could isolate the precinct.

Our direct link across the Tathong Channel increases security and reduces risk for businesses.

High concentration of data centres

Spanning just 3.5 km across Tathong Channel, TKO Express links the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX*) data centre to the Central business district.

The route is 18.2 km shorter than the alternate route from Sino Favor Centre to HKEX*. The short, direct path delivers the low-latency financial organisations demand for real-time transactions.

87% shorter for lower latency

TKO Express provides a direct, low-latency path to the emerging data centre hub at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate.

The precinct is fast becoming the ‘Gateway to Asia’ with strategic data centres and a purpose-designed landing point for international telecommunications cables. It houses numerous high-tier data centres including HKEX*, HKColo, NTT, Digital Realty, China Mobile, China Unicom, TKT, Pacnet and HSBC.

Part of our advanced Hong Kong network

TKO Express is a unique component of our core metro fibre network in Hong Kong. We design and build our own fibre infrastructure in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, guaranteeing a consistent high level of service across the network. Our 591 km of fibre infrastructure includes wide-scale metro connectivity to more than 250 strategic sites and commercial buildings.

Secure & Protected

The TKO Express cable is a submarine-grade, double armoured fibre optic cable, designed for underwater burial applications.

High level of additional protection

  • Secondary protection measures
  • 5 Metre burial (below the seabed)

    *HKEX refers to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hosting Services Data Centre.

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