Point-to-point enterprise solutions

Private, high availability connectivity to key data centres, enterprise buildings and Cloud Service Providers

Proven Track Record
Superloop has a proven track record and long legacy in shaping telecommunications infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region.
World-Class Networks
Consistent metro network technology in 3 markets supporting rapid deployment.
Purpose Built
Designed from the ground up for 100M to 10G enterprise grade services over our own dark fibre network.

Connectivity solutions tailored to your business

Superloop’s Point-to-Point Enterprise solutions offer the privacy, reliability and unrivalled performance you need to support even the most challenging business applications.


Guaranteed uptime. 99.99% SLA ensures high availability for your business.


Our network is constructed using the latest in fibre technology. Designed for the best quality and speed of data transmission.


Dedicated and private with no network sharing. Provides a secure path to data centres, other buildings and the Cloud.


Only pay for what you use. Scalable bandwidth on demand to meet capacity requirements now and in the future.

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