Advantages of fixed wireless Ethernet networks to your business

Fixed Wireless

Advantages of fixed wireless Ethernet networks to your business

With no limit to our demand for bandwidth, the traditional methods of connecting organisations are feeling the strain. Fibre can be prohibitively expensive and impossible for remote locations, while ADSL and 3G/4G networks are simply too slow. For organisations facing these kinds of constraints, fixed wireless networks can be the solution.

How does a fixed wireless network function?

Unlike terrestrial IP networks that use fibre or copper cable to carry data, fixed wireless networks use extended-range wireless networking technology to deliver broadband data connectivity at a speed of up to 1Gbps (billions of bits per second). The client is connected to the network through a radio transceiver, which is wired into the customer's LAN using a standard cat 5 Ethernet cable.

What are the benefits of a fixed wireless network?

The technology only requires the installation of a transceiver, rather than a physical connection to a terrestrial network, set-up costs are often much lower. Other key benefits of fixed wireless networks include:

  • Simpler Topology
    As organisations grow, they'll often find it necessary to split their workforce and assets across multiple buildings and branches. This creates all kinds of network topology challenges for organisations that want to maintain high network performance while keeping costs down. A fixed wireless network eliminates these concerns by being available wherever a signal can be received.
  • Multiple Location Connectivity
    Unified communication and shared digital work spaces have become the status-quo in many organisations. Keeping these systems running smoothly requires consistent network speed and reliability across all sites. Fixed wireless can deliver fast, reliable network connectivity to even the most remote locations, keeping your organisation running seamlessly.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Just one severed cable can put an organisation out of action for days, resulting in big productivity losses. For organisations running mission-critical systems, such as customer service centres and financial trading houses, a major network outage can be disastrous. Fixed wireless can provide effective backup connectivity in the event of flood, fire or telco outage.
  • Cloud Access
    More organisations are embracing the cloud as a long-term strategy, consolidating all their application, data storage and collaboration needs into a flexible on-demand service. The high-availability, symmetrical broadband performance of fixed wireless helps keep your cloud client software running with optimal speed and reliability.

Building the right network

There are many considerations to take into account when designing a network, whether it is terrestrial or wireless. These can include ensuring compatibility with existing technology, encryption on mobile devices, and whether it can support unified communication and cloud-based applications.

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