Digital Farm initiative in Western Australia

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Digital Farm initiative in Western Australia

Superloop  Limited  (ASX:SLC)  has  reaffirmed  its  dedication  to  expand  Australia’s  rural  digital capability with a commitment to build infrastructure worth $1,000,000 in conjunction with the WA State Government.

Superloop  has  been  announced  as  a  grant  recipient  as  part  of  the  ‘Digital  Farms’  programme. As a result, Superloop has committed to deploying telecommunications infrastructure  to  service  WA  Great  Southern  regional  communities,  with  the  support  of  the State Government.

The objective of the programme is to to support the widespread adoption of digital farm technologies  to  help  drive  better  digital  connectivity  for  agricultural  and  pastoral  businesses within regional Western Australia.

Mr  Drew  Kelton,  CEO  of  Superloop  said:  "Superloop  has  a  pedigree  of  taking  digital  connectivity to regional and rural Australia, via both fixed fibre and fixed wireless solutions. Our association with the state government of WA will only accelerate that."  He  added, "the state’s farmers can expect to see a dramatic improvement in their service options once our infrastructure comes online."

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