Flexible, fast migration for nbn connections and services: Superloop and Buroserv


Flexible, fast migration for nbn connections and services: Superloop and Buroserv

Retail and Wholesale Service Provider Buroserv was presented with a compelling reason to review service partners when its wholesale partner announced a withdrawal from the market.

Buroserv took the opportunity to seek a replacement that would help it take advantage of new market opportunities, and to look at new network options built around speed unencumbered by legacy considerations.

Buroserv provides a comprehensive range of telecommunications services including nbn, hosted voice and mobiles to customers across Australia that include corporates, SMBs, local government and non-profit organisations, and as a wholesale network service provider to other RSPs.

In a multimillion dollar agreement, Buroserv appointed Superloop as its wholesale nbn network services provider. Superloop is working with Buroserv to recalibrate and improve services to its customers, giving them increased capacity and better control and management.

"We investigated a number of wholesale partners, including testing networks and their network management systems. We chose Superloop as the best-equipped nbn partner, and in particular for its automated management systems," said Peter Mahon-Daly, CTO of Buroserv. "These allow Buroserv to add new connections very easily and quickly, which is very important to us in a very competitive market space."

Faster network, no legacy overheads

The partnership covers the continuing migration of services to the Superloop network, the future migration of services as they come off existing legacy contracts, and support across the Superloop network infrastructure.

There were a number of aspects about what Superloop could deliver that were compelling to Buroserv. As Ryan Crouch, Group Executive Wholesale for Superloop, explained, "We are an nbn-first infrastructure provider, with no legacy access network to protect. That means we can focus on providing the best possible aggregation network and service performance to Buroserv.

"We connect Buroserv to all 121 nbn POIs across Australia.

"And our Superloop Connect platform is already making the migration process simple for Buroserv and their customers to transfer to our network."

Full network transparency

Of particular importance to Buroserv is network transparency. Superloop provides network performance visibility from point of connection with the end-user, CVC capacity and nbn backhaul. This lets Buroserv deliver managed services with full visibility into the performance of the NBN service and Superloop network in between.

As Peter Mahon-Daly of Buroserv explained, "This is very important to us, across our network, IT services and IP transit services, and is something more of our customers are asking for."

Alongside this nbn transparency is the ability Superloop has to create APIs that streamline and speed up the onboarding and management of services across the Superloop network. With sensitive timelines related to existing supply, the Superloop team created a Batch Transfer tool (now available to all Superloop Connect Customers) to migrate services from existing wholesale arrangements to the Superloop network. This was deployed for Buroserv to accelerate service migration prior to them developing their own integration.

"We completed the first few hundred connections under test conditions, and have now migrated all of our customers, numbering about 5,000," said Peter Mahon-Daly. "This is a great example of the responsiveness from the Superloop team. We can talk to their management, technology and support teams at any reasonable time, and this certainly helped in this overall migration task."

Aggregated service access to all nbn POIs

Under the commercial details negotiated between the two companies, Superloop provides Buroserv with access to customers nationally, through a single point of interconnection to the Superloop network.

"Using this aggregated network access makes good management sense for Buroserv," explains Peter Mahon-Daly. "We can get different customers to use it at different times across the country, which is efficient and cost-effective. And it's a lot easier for us to manage. It replaces the pain and complexity of having multiple aggregation links to different points of presence around the country. "

The network's inbuilt flexibility and resilience allows for future expansion through multiple local and national aggregated points of interconnect with bursting capability calculated at P95.

Technology partnership

Superloop also continues to share its Superloop Connect technology roadmap with Buroserv, allowing Buroserv to plan the services it wants to introduce with realistic timetables, liaising directly with Superloop on what might be required from the network infrastructure and security perspectives.

Paul Tyler, CEO of Superloop, said, "The nbn levelled the playing field for RSPs such as Buroserv here in Australia. As some legacy telcos decide to withdraw from the Australian TC4 market, Superloop can meet the needs of RSPs in this space. We are a natural nbn partner, we built our digital-first network as a national nbn network, and we have been a wholesale provider from the beginning - all factors that influenced Buroserv's decision."

At the core of the deal, though, is the service Buroserv provides their customers.

"They are primarily businesses, and they want just one number to call for their network services and, increasingly, their IT support," said Peter Mahon-Daly. "That's what we can provide, including access to the nbn.

"Partnering with Superloop sees us working with a challenger brand in the telco market. Superloop gives us the transparency, flexibility and the technology we need to be able to support our customers, now and into the future."

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