How FTTP helps you enjoy more internet.


How FTTP helps you enjoy more internet.

The ongoing rollout of the nbn FTTP (or Fibre to the Premises) network is connecting homes and businesses with fast, reliable fibre optic connections.

Maybe you’ve seen the nbn FTTP upgrades happening in your area and might even think you’re already connected to the nbn. But if your connection is Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) or Fibre to the Node (FTTN) then you’re really only halfway there.

If your connection is nbn Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) then the fibre connects to a small Distribution Point Unit (DPU) near your house, using the existing copper network to create the final nbn connection.

And a connection with nbn Fibre to the Node (FTTN) doesn’t even go as far as that, using even more of the old networks to create the connection.

Let us help you get the rest of the way.

If you’re looking for better internet for your home, a property that you manage, or if your business internet needs an upgrade, we’ve got you covered.

With FTTP you’ll have access to higher speed tiers on our full-fibre network making for a better, reliable and overall, more enjoyable internet experience.

Enjoy such benefits such as:

  • Fast uploads and downloads to browse the web, read emails and stream content so you can binge all your favourite shows
  • Reliable video calls, FaceTime and set up a VoIP phone service making it easier to work from home with a reliable connection for those days when you have an important presentation
  • Great stability if you rely on cloud-based applications, from Zoom, to Canva and Xero and multiple users connected at the same time

How to check if your address is eligible.

In order to trigger an upgrade to nbn FTTP, customers at eligible premises need to place an order with a retailer.

Upgrade your nbn connection with Superloop and get Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) on an eligible plan to experience the difference fibre makes to your internet.

Plus, when you choose Superloop to upgrade your connection with nbn Fibre to the Premises the installation is FREE on our Flip-to-Fibre™ plans for residential connections, and FREE installation for businesses on our Full-fibre business internet plans.

You really can’t beat FREE installation, especially when it brings Superloop’s own network with it.

We run our own network.

That’s right, Superloop’s own network. We own, maintain, and build our network, which gives us greater control to deliver ultra-fast speeds, reliable connections, and top-tier security for your home and business.

You’ll be able to do all the things you’re currently doing online whether for business or pleasure, ultra-fast.

Feel the need for speed? When you’ve got a time-demanding or bandwidth-intensive task that you need to get done faster, with Superloop you can upgrade your internet speed at the push of a button. Eligible plans receive My Speed Boost™, which allows you to nearly double your plan speed when you need it most.

Great products need great support. With Superloop, you’ll have a team of connection specialists ready to help set you up and offer greater convenience for your upgrade.

Unleash the possibilities when you upgrade with Superloop and refresh your internet.

Upgrade to ultra-fast internet when you Flip-to-Fibre™ with Superloop. Enjoy browsing more, enjoy gaming more, enjoy streaming more. Enjoy more Internet with more fibre.

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