INDIGO is live!

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INDIGO is live!

The INDIGO subsea cable system between Australia and South East Asia is now commissioned and ready to use, helping to cement Superloop's vision to virtualise businesses across Asia Pacific.  

Spanning 9,200km, the INDIGO cable system, which is able to support up to 36 Tbps, will strengthen connectivity between Australia and the fast-growing Southeast Asian markets, providing lower latency and more reliable communication services. The completion of the cable system is timely as Asia’s economy is increasingly being driven by digital connectivity.

Drew Kelton, CEO of Superloop on behalf of SubPartners, said, "INDIGO Central complements Superloop's metropolitan fibre networks providing high speed capacity and ubiquitous connectivity to terrestrial cable systems across Australia. When combined with international capacity and interconnectivity to Singapore and Hong Kong, our strategy to virtualise businesses across the Asia Pacific region is now being realised."  

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