INDIGO is now Live and the Australian National backbone is complete

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INDIGO is now Live and the Australian National backbone is complete

At the start of August 2019, Superloop Limited announced the completion of two major network projects that have been years in the making. The INDIGO subsea cable is now carrying live traffic and the Australian national backbone network is complete.

Infrastructure is now in place to further leverage Superloop's technology platforms for bandwidth-intensive in-building and on-campus demands in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

These major network projects have transformed Superloop's on-net fibre infrastructure across Asia Pacific, with live customer traffic being carried over INDIGO subsea cable from Sydney to Perth to Singapore and across the Australia-wide footprint interconnecting all 121 NBN POIs (points of interconnection).

This is a major step in Superloop's vision to change the way Asia Pacific connects, creating seamless city-to-city, building-to-building fibre connectivity to bandwidth-intensive locations including; data centres, CBD buildings, hotels, hospitals and education campuses, as well as homes and businesses across Australia.

Superloop has delivered on its vision by owning core fibre connectivity infrastructure and providing complimentary offerings including; fixed wireless access connectivity (across Australia), guest WiFi (across APAC), Home Broadband (across Australia) and CyberHound cybersecurity (across APAC) to these bandwidth-intensive locations.

Fibre Connectivity Growth
Superloop’s core fibre connectivity growth has accelerated across the Asia Pacific region.

“With master service agreements in place with many global service providers, content providers and global enterprises, and with INDIGO and domestic fibre networks now live and billing, we expect to see continued connectivity growth in FY20 and beyond,” stated Superloop CEO Drew Kelton.

"Financial Year 2019 has been a transitional year for Superloop and not without its challenges. The integration of our acquisitions and teams with the simplification of processes and systems was a necessity in order to move forward and provide bandwidth-intensive customers across Asia Pacific a differentiated and compelling service offering. I am extremely proud of the efforts of the entire ~300-strong Superloop team who have tackled these challenges voraciously, in a year where the business has delivered two major infrastructure programs for customers," stated Superloop CEO Drew Kelton.

Superloop will release its FY19 financial results on 27 August 2019 and hold its AGM on the 30 October 2019.