Staying (relatively) sane while in isolation

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Staying (relatively) sane while in isolation

It has been a rocky start to 2022 as people from all over Australia isolate due to the high numbers of positive COVID-19 results, and being cooped up in the house can bring both familiar challenges, as well as a few new ones.

Challenges that many of us have faced have included physical isolation, uncertainty on when things would get back to normal, not being able to see our family and friends, illness and social panic about everything from COVID-19 news and updates to national grocery shortages!

But amidst the chaos, there have been many silver linings. Saving money and time by not having to commute to the office, or shouting the coffees, being able to spend more quality time with our immediate families (fur and human), sleeping in, starting new hobbies, catching up on our favourite shows and, of course, doing our bit to stop the spread of COVID.

Follow and explore some of the below handy tips, should you find yourself restless and having to deal with isolation (again)!

If only we could all have a fancy home office like this!

If you're used to working in a spacious office or workplace, being flung back into the world of working from home could be quite the inconvenience. Many of our home offices were haphazardly set up as a result of having to work from home at short notice back when the pandemic took off in 2020, which may mean you don't have the space or equipment to match your office set up. If you haven't already, take the time now to set up an area that works for you, is comfortable and helps you be your most productive self.

Work from home recommendations:
- If you have the space, set yourself up in a separate room like a study and designate the space for work only. If this isn't possible, choose a corner in any room and make it your office. Try to set up in an area where you are less likely to be distracted whilst you work.
- If you only have a laptop, ensure you have a table set up to avoid added stress to your body that can come from working on your lap. The best solution is a desk with an ergonomic chair. Remember to take regular breaks from sitting, or get crafty and create a sit-stand desk by raising your screens.
- Surprisingly, we may struggle with laggy internet connections and weak Wi-Fi signals. These are particularly frustrating while working from home, but there could be an easy fix! Check out these five easy hacks to boost your Wi-Fi signal at home.

Distractions… They can be so adorably distracting.

If you have children or other family members at home, creating set work times during the day can help you focus on work. We understand this is not always possible with children, so try these parent hacks to help restore the balance:

- Have foolproof 'kid distraction ammo' at the ready, like colouring pencils, arts and crafts, toys, streaming services, and gaming consoles.
- To ensure the streaming services, and your meetings run smoothly, ensure your high-speed internet connection is reliable,  and has the bandwidth to cope with the kids streaming/gaming, your workload, and all the video calls, downloads and multi-tasking it entails!
- Don't forget to take regular screen time breaks every hour to stretch, move your body, and give your brain a quick rest. Set yourself hourly break notifications.

Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if it feels out of reach. If you map out your time during isolation, like reserving some time for yourself and your family, and in finding ways to remain connected,  you will maintain your sanity and be out of isolation before you know it!

Stay positive Superloopers!

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