Superloop achieves critical network milestones


Superloop achieves critical network milestones

Superloop has once again cemented its place as Australia’s most progressive and dynamic network services provider, following the completion of significant new upgrades across Australia offering even more benefits to businesses looking to achieve faster, more reliable and secure connectivity.

Mid last year the company laid out an ambitious plan to deploy diverse connectivity to the 121 NBN points of interconnect (POIs), providing network redundancy protecting customers from network outages.

Superloop has achieved that, offering fully redundant, scalable, connections to 119 NBN POIs with the final 2 more to be completed imminently. This includes every POI in Superloop's key emerging markets of Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

Committing to deploying physically diverse and redundant connectivity removes single points of failure from the network, ensuring fast and reliable delivery to meet the increasing demands of existing customers, and any organisations – or individuals - seeking better performance, capacity and resilience.

Delivering further significant resiliency, Superloop will also deploy secondary routers at regional POIs throughout Australia, where vast distances between locations would mean lengthy outages if physical on-site repairs to equipment was required.   This ensures that Superloop can offer an enhanced MTTR (mean time to repair) if these issues were to occur.

Superloop customers across the country now have the added valuable assurance that in the unlikely event of a primary router or path going down, it will failover immediately to a secondary back-up.

As a result, the Superloop network is as robust as any in Australia.

Achieving these critical new milestones is testament to the ambitious vision of the Superloop board, and the company’s broader commitment to being the wholesale network and retail provider of choice in a market dominated by large incumbents.

The company is now able to bring on and better support customers – across wholesale, business and consumer segments throughout all of Australia.

As the company’s customers are increasingly discovering, not all nbn connected networks are created equal.

Between the internet and an end-user, there are a complex array of different network elements. The reality is that customers are connected or they’re not. There are no ‘half-measures’ once a connection has been lost. Internal communications, connections to customers and suppliers, the cloud, even our favourite streaming services are lost.

While the question as to who’s at fault is important to providers, customers don’t really care.

Superloop understands this.

Now one of Australia’s most successful  tier-1 challengers in the telecommunications industry, the company is increasing its ability to provide an amazing, reliable experience at mass scale – throughout  Australia - building confidence for companies, consumers and RSPs seeking a reliable, fast, modern, digital-first, automated, nbn network.

Importantly, Superloop is also continuing to invest in operations and network infrastructure around a single IT stack, further differentiating it from incumbent rivals still dependent on outdated systems and processes.

With this next step of the journey in place Superloop is well poised in its ambition to service and enable more of the consumer, business and wholesale connectivity market and chase their target of a 30% share across these segments.