Superloop and MNF Group Sign Services Agreement

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Superloop and MNF Group Sign Services Agreement

Superloop (ASX:SLC) is pleased to announce it has been awarded a major, multi-year contract with Symbio (MNF Group Limited) (ASX:MNF) to become its exclusive supplier of wholesale nbn aggregation services. The contract, signed today, has an expected value in excess of $25m and is Superloop’s largest single contract win to date. Under the contract, Symbio will migrate its existing and future supply arrangements from various providers of nbn aggregation services onto the Superloop Connect platform. The contract also anticipates Superloop expanding its existing use of Symbio’s range of voice offerings and including elements within its own portfolio of offerings.  

Superloop’s nbn aggregation services are delivered on its recently launched, in-house developed Superloop Connect platform. Superloop Connect is a frictionless, API driven platform that allows customers of any size to access Superloop’s market leading nbn backhaul and virtual nni capabilities in a cost competitive way. These capabilities have been deployed nationwide, allowing Superloop’s customers a completely digital mechanism to order, provision and assure nbn business and consumer services anywhere on nbn’s fixed line and wireless footprint, with delivery of those services to any of the mainstream data centres in Australia. The Superloop Connect platform will continue to be developed in the future enabling further products and services from its APAC and Global offerings to be available via the platform.

Commenting on the deal, Superloop CEO, Paul Tyler said, “We are excited that Symbio has chosen Superloop to underpin their nbn network services further building on our longstanding and successful relationship. The Superloop network has been designed for this very purpose and we've built significant capacity to cater for the continued growth we are anticipating across Australia.”

Rene Sugo, CEO of MNF Group Limited commented, “we selected Superloop to be our partner for the provision of nbn aggregation services due to the state of the art Superloop Connect platform combined with the strength of their underlying network and looking forward to taking this long term partnership from success to success”