Superloop Announces Strategic Partnership with Comscentre

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Superloop Announces Strategic Partnership with Comscentre

On the 10th October 2019, Superloop confirmed a partnership with Comscentre where Superloop will provide metro fibre network infrastructure via the Superloop network across Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Comscentre is Australian owned and operated. They design, deliver and manage enterprise-grade Network and Collaboration solutions. Comscentre brings innovation and simplicity to their clients by transforming the way they connect, collaborate and operate. Comscentre were recently awarded a multi year Contract with Australia Post for Network and managed Services. Comscentre has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Manila.

This strategic partnership with Comscentre, who is Australia’s largest, privately held provider of enterprise-grade managed network, hosting and collaboration services will enable Comscentre to deliver network, hosted and managed services to its customers at speeds of up to 90Gbps and beyond.

By providing a streamlined, simplified network infrastructure, Superloop and Comcentre customers will now have access to a reliable, high speed and cost-effective network with no downtime or latency issues.

Ben Shipley, Comscentre Managing Director said, “by combining Superloop’s network-based infrastructure platform with Comscentre’s hosted services, communications and collaboration capabilities, we are now able to deliver real differentiated value to our customers, significantly reducing costs associated with legacy network infrastructure and connectivity providers.”

Drew Kelton, Chief Executive Officer, Superloop said, “our partnership with Comscentre means our customers have a single source for network, hosting and managed services. With Superloop’s metropolitan fibre networks providing high speed capacity and ubiquitous connectivity, and Comscentre’s network, hosting and managed services, customers can expect real value, seamless connectivity, low latency, and value add unrivalled in Australian network infrastructure and managed services delivery.”

Read the announcement here.