Superloop launches Grad Program

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Superloop launches Grad Program

This month we officially kicked off the Superloop Grad Program by inviting some of the best and brightest Engineering and Software Development students to come get a taste of Superloop!

With sessions in our Sydney and Brisbane offices, we introduced more than 30 university soon-to-be-graduates to leaders and potential mentors from our Network Operations and Products teams.

Superloop Talent Acquisition Specialist, Katrina McCallum, was on deck to launch the program.

“It’s really about building a pipeline of new talent for our future. We all know that it’s critical for Superloop to engage and employ new ideas, capabilities and intelligence, that will lead us into the next growth phase, ensuring we’re leading technologies and innovation. The other aspect that we really want people to develop with us, from the ground up,” said Katrina.

“We received more than 400 applications for our first intake and there were some really incredible entries,” she continued. “People had worked on side projects of interest, created bots, games, developed AI for various uses, explored chatGPT and its application, worked on robotics, power BI, aviation, and a myriad of significant new generation innovations and technologies.  It’s an incredibly exciting time for Superloop because we’ll be able to work with these graduates to build their careers with Superloop, sharing and imparting knowledge to help them grow with us.”

Later this year we’ll contact the successful grads and invite them to join us from 2024. They’ll then complete a 12-month rotation in our Networks and SoftDev teams. Our goal is for the grads to have the opportunity to learn from Superloop mentors and apply their newly acquired uni knowledge in a practical way – helping us unleash possibilities for customers.