Superloop launches “Online Learning Plan” for $0/month to assist with online learning during COVID-19

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Superloop launches “Online Learning Plan” for $0/month to assist with online learning during COVID-19

Today national broadband provider Superloop Home Broadband, is offering $0 home broadband services for up to 5,000 disadvantaged Australian families to assist with online learning during the COVID-19 crisis.

Named the “Online Learning Plan” offers households with a school-age child that are receiving Jobseeker Payment of Family Tax Benefit Part A or Part B, not connected to the NBN access, but with an address covered by the NBN fixed-line network, access to a 25/5Mbps NBN service free for 6 months with $0 installation fee.

Superloop CEO Drew Kelton said “There are so many families struggling out there due to COVID-19 that have NBN available, but just can’t afford to upgrade to it due to economic hardship. With remote learning expected to continue in the coming weeks and months, we want to help more families get access to world class broadband. NBN has supported all RSP’s to help households that are struggling and Superloop will further support this important initiative by absorbing all the backhaul, internet access and support costs so disadvantaged families can get a $0 service.”

Superloop Founder and Chairman Mr Bevan Slattery added “I’ve been pretty vocal in seeking the support of the NBN to deliver a “broadband backstop” for disadvantaged Australians. I’m delighted they have delivered and I’m equally delighted that Superloop is able to do our part in helping many young Australians enable their remote learning over the next 6 months. I’m glad to be the first, but am hopeful more RSP’s will follow our example.”

Read the Media Release for more information or sign up here.