The Top 4 Benefits of Dark Fibre Network

Dark Fibre

The Top 4 Benefits of Dark Fibre Network

As explained in our previous blog, Top 6 things you should know about Dark Fibre, we discussed why Dark Fibre networks are unlike other types of networks.

Tenants – or drivers – have their own house – or road – to themselves to design, use, expand, optimise, scale up or down as they see fit. This has big implications for organisations that are fast growing and have ambitions to expand and innovate. In this blog we take a look at the 4 reasons to consider building your enterprise network with Dark Fibre.

1. Better Performance
With latencies averaging half a millisecond per 100 kilometres, Superloop Dark Fibre delivers a new level of network assurance able to reliably support the full gamut of business applications, from real-time e-commerce, high-definition video conferencing and other multi-media applications to high-speed backups, connecting with the cloud and others.

It’s also extremely scalable, which means that an organisation which needs 1 Gbit/s today can upgrade to 10 Gbit/s and beyond tomorrow as their requirements grow without the need to ask their ISP for a speed upgrade.

2. More Secure
It goes without saying that running your network on infrastructure where you’re the only tenant offers a level of security from the start that other network services find hard to deliver. None of your traffic – and therefore none of your digital operations – touch those of your network provider, nor any of their customers.

3. Future Proof
Another important point to consider about Dark Fibre is that it’s essentially like the German ‘Autobahn’, except you’re driving alone. On a motorway with relatively unlimited speed, your organisation is limited only by the equipment it is using. So, a company might decide to equip its Dark Fibre network with certain lasers and switches that may not necessarily be the best money can buy. It might not need to at the time. But it knows that down the track there might be a time when it makes sense to invest more money and upgrade, thereby deriving better performance and therefore better value from its investment.

4. Tech-Agnostic
Dark Fibre is pure fibre infrastructure, which means organisations can choose from a wide array of ‘technologies’ in building the network that best meets its individual needs. Whether they are looking to implement Ethernet over MPLS, deploy DWDM or any other transport technology, as long they can source the equipment to support their chosen technology, they can rely on their Dark Fibre services to support them on their way.

Superloop is one of the newest and most-progressive network operators in the Asia Pacific, offering access to extensive, powerful and competitively priced Dark Fibre networks in the key metro markets of Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Talk to us today about how we can help you build the best network for you or check this out for more info.