Top 4 ingredients for successful Ethernet


Top 4 ingredients for successful Ethernet

The speed of innovation in communications today means it’s imperative organisations are backed by the best technology if they are to remain agile and competitive.

As noted in our previous blog, Ethernet may be turning 40 this year yet it remains a key networking architecture to support the widening array of data types, sources, devices and user demands across more locations.

The increased adoption of cloud services for mission-critical business functions requires next-generation connectivity; in particular services that can reliably deliver fast speeds.

Ethernet guarantees high levels of bandwidth and some of the lowest latency rates attainable.

Independent service providers operating their own networks independent of major carriers can easily scale customers up to enjoy reliable speeds of 1Gbit / sec, without them needing to invest in and install new infrastructure.  It also affords networks admins a high-degree of control over traffic flows largely due to the fact it operates at layer 2.

Organisations can seamlessly connect multiple locations without complicated conversion technologies, while sidestepping the multiple overheads compared to other connectivity options.

To ensure you get the best performance and reliability from your Ethernet solution, there are four key things you need to consider.

  1. Fixed or Wireless
    Choose an Ethernet service that works across a range of access types including fibre and fixed wireless.

    Fixed infrastructure means the physical assets are actually in the ground. You can determine the path of the network, while it’s less vulnerable to the elements ensuring higher levels of reliability.

    With carrier-grade wireless, organisations typically enjoy true media diversity, and true redundancy ensuring business continuity and therefore greater peace of mind.

  2. Dedicated Network
    Choose an Ethernet service underpinned by an independently-owned and operated network, to give your business the right kind of connectivity, without compromising on quality. In contrast to incumbent telco services which offers solutions that draw on multiple exchanges and PoPs, independent carriers bypass this and take on a more direct approach to designing the network. This ensures that the solutions are more directly tailored to their needs.

    Another important benefit is that independent network operators own their network and are therefore less reliant on other networks.

  3. Flexible Capacity
    Think big. Today’s organisations should demand the full range of options in developing the best network for their needs, whether it be for datacentre access and cloud services, or the highest levels of security.

    Ethernet bandwidth is adaptable to meet your needs, with the agility to effectively manage seasonality, whilst also not requiring the sort of huge outlays that other alternatives might require.

  4. Fully Supported
    Your business doesn’t close for anyone anymore. And nor should your network provider. Ensure that you have guaranteed access to the best engineers and support staff 24/7, 365 days!

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