Stronger cyber security, better connectivity: Why our SASE partnership matters


Stronger cyber security, better connectivity: Why our SASE partnership matters

In the early days of the pandemic, when so much was still unknown, Superloop made the quick decision to move our workforce to a mostly remote environment. And although the decision was swift, we did not make it lightly.

The key determining factor in being able to make this kind of decision was that we had the infrastructure and architecture already in place that the transition would inflict minimal disruption to our employees and our customers.

Now, Superloop is looking to the future and what the workplace of tomorrow will look like. We can see that traditional branch offices are a thing of the past, and that flexible hybrid working arrangements will make the most sense -- not just for Superloop, but for organisations across the country, regardless of industry.

To meet these evolving demands, Superloop chose to partner with Palo Alto Networks to deliver a network and cyber security solution that leverages cloud technology in an intuitive and adaptable way. This partnership powers our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution and enables us to deliver native security integration with our network infrastructure.

Partnering with the global leaders in cyber security

As with the pandemic, our decision to choose Palo Alto Networks as our partner in SASE did not come lightly. The global leader in security, of course, has an enviable position in the market, but the right pieces of the puzzle needed to align for us to make this decision.

As a connectivity and network provider, we at Superloop knew we needed a partner who didn’t just bring a fancy, shiny name to the table. No, we needed a partner who could also deliver the goods, who we could integrate our systems with in ways that would benefit our customers the most, and who would work with us to deliver solutions that meet the conditions and challenges of the Australian market.

And Palo Alto Networks was the perfect fit.

Our SASE solution integrates Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Access - a complete cloud-delivered security platform purpose-built for SASE - and Prisma SD-WAN - a machine learning and automation-powered network solution. Using products from the same vendor that’s supplying the network and security layers means we can be confident in the integration and implementation process for our customers.

With these tools lined up, Superloop layers in our premium expertise providing Australian businesses with tailored solutions, as well as dedicated local support not just assisting with transition and implementation, but throughout your SASE evolution and journey. Our powerful network infrastructure spans across Australia, so Superloop also brings comprehensive connectivity options that nurtures scalability and growth in businesses large and small.

The Prisma prism

It’s important to also understand what Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma suite brings to the SASE solution, as it’s a critical component of the overall offering and a major reason behind our decision to enter into this exciting partnership.

Prisma SD-WAN

Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma SD-WAN solution is the world’s first Next-Generation SD-WAN solution. The revolutionary SD-WAN solution employs autonomous machine learning, Layer 7 visibility, and AIOps to deliver simplified manual operations and enhanced user experience.    

In a recent fireside chat I hosted with Palo Alto Networks’ Senior Vice President of Products, Kumar Ramachandran told us that,

“With [Palo Alto Networks’] SD-WAN, you get 273% ROI on average. We actually had Forrester commission a study and they said for every dollar a customer invests in Prisma SD-WAN, they see $3.73 back within a 36 month period. That’s a very powerful ROI.”

On top of that, for the second consecutive year, Palo Alto Networks has been recognised as a Leader in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure report.

Prisma Access

Similarly, Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Access security product has also been acknowledged as a leading product in its space. In Forrester’s inaugural New Wave: Zero Trust Network Access report, published in Q3 2021, Prisma Access was recognised as a leader in Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Prisma Access ZTNA integrates encrypted application access, authentication, policy management, and threat detection into one solution. It delivers least-privileged secure remote access to applications and services for your employees wherever they are in the world. This is especially critical as unchecked access leaves services exposed and companies at serious risk of cyber attack.

Why it matters

Integrating a SASE solution requires a lot of moving pieces. You have your network layer, which needs to run smoothly and lays the foundation for any digital transformation project. Then you have your security layer, which really needs to be air-tight to ensure your organisation has the best protection against attacks. In both instances, there can be no margin of error, so product integration is absolutely crucial to getting this right.

When you source the various layers from multiple vendors, the individual pieces may work perfectly well in isolation, but integration becomes a major issue. Then when integrating the patchwork of products into your own systems which similarly use a medley of solutions, patching gaps and avoiding issues is a challenge you don’t need in the midst of an already challenging project.  

The Superloop difference

Superloop’s innovative and forward-thinking approach to technology has always been amongst our many strong suits. And it’s this approach that adds the missing piece of the puzzle, and brings Palo Alto Networks’ SASE solution to life.  

We may not have the over-bloated workforce of one of the Big Four telcos who may offer similar products in the market, but that’s actually our strength. Instead, we invest our time and energies into delivering personalised and customised solutions that meet individual challenges.

It’s not a template we just throw at our customers and let them figure it out; our local specialists are here to provide around the clock support as you need it. Whether it’s the entire integration process or pieces of it, our experts are there to support you.

Superloop isn’t there just to take your money and run either. We ensure your organisation is supported as you scale and grow, giving you the network, security, connectivity tools, and infrastructure to keep on kicking goals.

Moving ahead in business

SASE is offering Australian businesses across all industries the opportunity to move ahead into the future of work. The traditional ways of working are gone, and predictions are that they’re not coming back. Therefore, rethinking your network and your security must take the highest priority as the world transitions into this new world.

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