Yes, your network can give you a competitive edge

Network Optimisation

Yes, your network can give you a competitive edge

In the digital era, your network capability is a key driver of your competitive advantage. Your network is the nervous system of your business. It determines not only the speed and reliability of your communications, how your people collaborate and how you manage your customer and client relationships, but it’s also the key to unlocking the digital innovation that will drive your competitive advantage.

According to research by PwC, that’s a message Australian business leaders are hearing loud and clear, with nine out of 10 Australian CEOs ranking digital innovation as the top disruptive trend they face. However, with a new focus on digital innovation comes increased pressure on the IT team to ensure your network is up to the job.

Here’s how to ensure your network services are primed to boost your competitive advantage.

Upgrade your business internet

In the digital world, your business is only as good as its internet connection. Get the jump on your competitors and upgrade to a commercial-grade business internet supplier with multiple redundant, high-speed connections to boost your application performance, increase internet security and improve your customer experience.

Optimise your LAN

A well-managed local area network (LAN) will speed up communications between your staff and encourage more efficient collaboration that leads to innovation. It also gives all users access to business applications and software, with centralised backup capability to guard against data loss that could derail your efforts.

Boost your client communications

Don’t depend on unreliable, low-quality web video connections to communicate with your clients. Rather, ensure your network is capable of hosting high-definition video conferencing to increase your face-to-face availability with clients, deliver better presentations and easily bring your remote staff into team meetings.

Use a wide-area network (WAN) to link multiple offices to easily share company databases, systems, files and information across all your locations. This will help standardise processes company-wide and ensure all your people are using the same central data.

Rethink your telephony

Consider integrating internet protocol (IP) telephony into your network to be more available to your customers while cutting call costs. You can also integrate your IP system with desktop applications to improve customer relationship management and boost the productivity of your customer service and sales staff.

With the right services and capabilities in place, your network can be a key driver of your competitive advantage by boosting collaboration and digital innovation, streamlining your internal and external communications, and improving customer experience.