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Dark Fibre

Call the shots with Dark Fibre

Enjoy complete control with an infrastructure that allows you to self-manage critical elements of your network.

What is Dark Fibre?

With Dark Fibre, your business has complete control over the data which traverses the network and gives you the flexibility to scale up and down as your requirements change.

When unrivalled performance, resiliency and scalability for your core network connectivity are paramount to enable your agile business, only Superloop Dark Fibre delivers.

Offering unprecedented internet security with a dedicated physical connection between you and your mission-critical data, your business has complete control over what sits on top of a smartly designed network.

Dark Fibre Specifications

The Dark Fibre Advantage

Key location availability

Superloop Dark Fibre is available within metro areas in Australia, perfect for core network and disaster recovery needs.

Low latency

With latencies averaging half a millisecond per 100 kilometres, Superloop Dark Fibre delivers a new level of network assurance. You can depend on the wide area network for mission-critical applications.

Service desk

With support to match the speed, our service desk is available around the clock. We take your connectivity seriously, and we have the support to match.

Fast possibilities

With continual updates and regular status notifications, we aim to deliver the fastest restoration times possible. Superloop Dark Fibre opens a world of fast possibilities, from real-time transaction processing to getting e-commerce closer to customers.