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Learning online made safer

Discover a security platform that keeps students safe when they access online learning materials.


What is CyberEdge?

CyberEdge protects hundreds of schools, and hundreds of thousands of students locally and internationally. Something we’re quite proud of.

An all-encompassing platform designed to protect your network, staff, and students…along with the reputation of your school.

CyberEdge Data Sheet

Welcome to the CyberEdge advantage

Greater control for education

CyberEdge enables students to learn safely by giving them access to online learning materials while keeping threats at bay. Kind of like a Fairy Godteacher would.

Easy on the bottom line

Safe and secure education shouldn’t come down to cost. That’s why CyberEdge has no hidden fees. Everything you need is included…even flexible payment options! Nice, right?

Continual innovation & support

Our engineers and developers are constantly working in the background improving CyberEdge…it’s what they do. Plus, our support team is local (no out-of-hours phone tag).

Student wellbeing

Keeping an eye on students' well-being isn’t easy. CyberEdge identifies worrying patterns of behaviour through search and web activity, so leaders can offer support to help students thrive.

High Availability

Network disruptions happen. They can't be predicted, but they can be planned for. CyberEdge HA is designed to provide you with redundancy should your primary node go down. With rapid failover, your system should be online with minimal to no disruption. Making sure your school network is always online and protected.

Web Security

The web is made up of billions of pages. Any one of them possibly contains malicious content. CyberEdge gives you the tools to protect your network and users through high-level content filtering, phishing detection, and URL categorisation (sourced from over 650 million global users)...and the power to keep them safe over the long term.

Advanced Firewall

What’s the point in having security if it’s not adaptable? CyberEdge’s firewall technology is always evolving, ensuring your school is constantly protected from existing and emerging cyber threats. It’s better to be proactive than reactive.

Intrusion Prevention System

Works like a bouncer at the entrance to your network. Scanning for threats and malicious content (Trojans, viruses, DoS attacks, Botnets, etc…), once identified, CyberEdge will block, report, and log them for further review. There’s no such thing as ‘too much’ security, right?

So, why switch to CyberEdge?

One product. One vendor.

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Timely local support

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Local data storage

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100% user-friendly

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