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Managed Cyber Security

Managed cyber security services

Make 24/7 cyber security protection simple. Reduce the risk of cyber breaches and enhance your security.

Protect yourself with complete 24/7 cyber security management

Cyber attacks happen every day. Count on our experienced team of security specialists to continuously monitor and manage your security operations for rapid response to cyber threats, reducing security breaches whilst freeing up internal resources.

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Managed cyber security tailored for your business

  • SIEM & SOC

    Automated monitoring with 24x7x365 response services to cyber threats.

  • Endpoint Management

    Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). A single console to manage, control and secure IT assets.

  • Continuous Pen Testing

    Automate complex cyber security testing instantly to save time, reduce human intervention, and drive costs down.

  • Maintenance and Monitoring

    24/7 support of your desktops, laptops and servers, on-premise or in the cloud.

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Managed cyber security services for your peace of mind

Fully Managed SIEM and SOC

Get a comprehensive overview of your organisation's information security events through a live dashboard. We deploy a fully managed instance of Microsoft Sentinel, a leading cloud-based SIEM solution, that processes billions of internal security events a day and utilises this information to train machine learning-based analytics to detect patterns of malicious activity across all data. This intelligence is then actioned by our 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) to empower your organisation's security.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

UEM is a quick nimble security approach that helps businesses manage, control and secure internet-enabled devices from a single console or interface. We are one of two fully certified Tanium partners in Australia and capable of deploying a management and cyber security platform tailored to help meet Australian Essential Eight Compliance and other industry-recognised standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, and PCIDSS. Tanium integrates into your existing ITSM and operational toolsets to consolidate visibility on your existing assets whilst maximising your current IT investments.

Continuous Penetration Testing

Stay a step ahead by proactively addressing identified risks and threats to ensure ongoing compliance. Our Continuous Penetration Testing automates complex cyber security testing instantly, saving you time, reducing human intervention, and driving costs down. This will allow your business to test and identify risks in your changing environment continuously.

Maintenance, Monitoring and Support

Our maintenance service offers continuous monitoring and timely updating of customer-supported environments. With the Tanium platform, we provide a service desk to support and deliver business-critical servers, applications and services, key network components, servers and essential services all monitored 24x7x365. We provide real-time dashboards with a wide range of views down to a granular level and reports providing insights into your environment and applications.

Why choose Superloop for cyber security?

Superloop has a successful history of protecting our customers and their information. We simplify complex environments, allowing you to take back control and gain full visibility of your current and shifting cyber security responsibilities.

Protecting organisations with cyber security solutions since 2007

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Call us now, or register your details and one of our telco consultants will call you, at a time that suits you, to answer any questions you may have. No obligation. No hassle.