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Managed Firewall

Stop threats in their tracks

Block cyber-attacks with a Managed Firewall that detects and deters malicious activity.

What is Managed Firewall?

A Managed Firewall prevents unauthorised access to your company network and blocks network-centric cyber-attacks. Today's threats are rapid, automated and can quickly paralyse a business. Secure your business with Superloop's trusted Managed Firewall service.

The Managed Firewall Advantage

Secure business

Security has become an essential element of a successful business. Our Managed Firewall service allows you to apply granular policies for greater protection of your business and clients.

Secure SD-WAN

Make the most of your connectivity by enabling SD-WAN, using multiple links and load balancing. Best of all, you will keep your SD-WAN secure on internet links with firewalls instead of SD-WAN appliances.

Security Event and Log Retention

With advanced event and log retention reporting, you will have greater visibility around network activity, and the tools needed to meet compliance requirements.

Global Leading Threat Intelligence

When it comes to protecting your business, you’re not alone. With global data across billions of events every day powering your security, you network is part of a secure community.