Make the rightcall with VoIP

With a VoIP phone service, your team can make calls over the internet - increasing collaboration and lowering costs.

Discover Voice - our business VoIP service

Superloop's Voice service delivers a modern platform for voice communication and team collaboration. Voice reduces call costs with Voice over IP (VoIP) and delivers a range of features not available in a traditional telephony system.

Voice Specifications


The Voice advantage


Eliminate the cost and management burden of an on-premises telephone system by moving to Superloop's hosted PBX. Staff, teams, and new locations can be added to your business with ease and on-demand. Simply subscribe and we'll manage the complexity.


Superloop's hosted PBX platform allows teams to communicate with a wider range of devices – from an office meeting room video conference to a mobile device at a remote field site.


Say goodbye to rigid phone systems with poor group communication. Say hi to easy voice calls, allowing staff and customers to collaborate from any location using the device of their choice.

Workflow Integration

Our IVR answers and diverts incoming calls to your call centre(s), groups, and mobile devices. Have calls automatically route to specific offices, departments, teams, or staff members for better call response times within your business.

Disconnect from the copper

Modernise your business phone system with Superloop's SIP trunking. Our SIP service delivers the reliability and call quality of traditional PSTN/ISDN, without the reliance on the legacy copper network.


With the ability to connect your existing phone system to our IP network, your business can take advantage of VoIP while preserving existing investments, driving more value.


With SIP trunks from Superloop your telephony phone systems in branch office locations can also take advantage of VoIP