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Enterprise Ethernet

Enabling you with nbn’s Enterprise grade Layer 2 connectivity.

Greater network connectivity.

Superloop will provide you with Layer 2 connectivity over business nbn Enterprise Ethernet* so you can reach your customers using nbn's business broadband service.

We can help build your network, giving your customers the best solution.

  • Australia
  • Connection to 121 Pols

Enterprise Ethernet Specifications

Supports 3 Classes of Service

Enterprise Ethernet has three distinct classes of service types;

  • High (100% CIR)
  • Medium (25% CIR)
  • Low (100% EIR)

Aggregated Hand-off

Acquire as much bandwidth as required from nbn, and we will deliver it to your network in all major capital cities.

Australian Support

Our team is committed to ensuring you get the most out of the network. With 24/7 Network monitoring and National Operations Centre (NOC) we are here to help.

Network Visibility

Superloop 360 - see how your backhaul services are performing with our dedicated portal, providing aggregated metrics like link speed, utilisation and availability.