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Get carrier-grade networking for you and your customers at a price to suit, with Superloop Ethernet.

Experience powerful connectivity with Superloop

If you're looking to power up your connectivity with flexible ethernet, Superloop's carrier- grade Ethernet service is just the solution you need.

Superloop Ethernet delivers optimal network performance, scalable bandwidth and simple integration.

Ethernet Specifications

Dedicated network

Need high quality? Superloop's Ethernet is underpinned by our independent, owned and operated network. This dedication gives business networks the right kind of connectivity, without compromising on quality.

High performance

Core protection and low latency, meeting the demanding requirements of today's enterprise applications and systems.

Flexible capacity

Start with the bandwidth required, and scale up as the business demands. Ethernet bandwidth is adaptable to meet you and your customers' needs without the huge outlay.

Fully supported

You want uptime and we deliver. Our Aussie based support team is here to keeping your Ethernet service up and running during the most demanding times whilst ensuring optimal service availability.