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Indigo is the fastest undersea connection from Sydney to Singapore and capable of 36Tbps

Superloop is committed to a vision that delivers a new paradigm in independent submarine cable development. Our goal is to provide significant telecommunications infrastructure projects through a model of trusted relationships and partnerships. Superloop has the relationships, experience and access to funding necessary to take major telecommunications infrastructure projects from concept to reality.

The Problem

Australia's ageing, underpowered cable systems are not satisfying our thirst for reliable, international and trans-Australia connectivity.

The Solution

Australia urgently needs cost effective, modern & high performing cable systems (particularly to Asia), to ensure better connectivity to the rest of the world.

What We did

Through trusted relationships and partnerships, Superloop has been the driver of a Consortium that has built the Indigo West & Indigo Central cable systems connecting Singapore to Sydney.

The Indigo System

Indigo is a two fibre pair 'Open Cable' design that utilises spectrum sharing technology and will span approximately 9000 km, connecting Singapore to Perth and Perth to Sydney. The two discrete systems are known as Indigo West and Indigo Central.

Indigo West

Indigo West will deliver cost effective, reliable, low-latency & diverse connectivity between Singapore & Perth, in addition to two fibre pairs connecting Singapore to Jakarta via a branching unit.

Cable Features Specification
Cable Distance (main trunk)4,654 kilometres
Total Fibre Pairs2
Cable Power DesignDouble End Fed
Total System Capability36 Tbps
Initial Interconnection Points

Singapore Tuas


Indonesia Ankol


Australia (Western Australia)

Perth: Wellington Street


Q1 2019

Indigo Central

Indigo Central will deliver diverse, reliable and secure connectivity between Perth and Sydney, Australia. The new subsea route will compliment the existing terrestrial networks across Australia.

Cable Features Specification
Cable Distance (main trunk)4,607 kilometres
Total Fibre Pairs2
Cable Power DesignDouble End Fed
Total System Capability36 Tbps
Initial Interconnection Points


Perth: Wellington Street
Sydney: Alexandria


Q1 2019

The Indigo Consortium

The Consortium members include AARnet, Google, Indosat, Singtel, Superloop (SubPartners), and Telstra, with each operator contributing unique attributes. The combined capabilities of these operators along with surety of funding will ensure the system reaches RFS (Q1 2019) and meets its full potential.

The Indigo cable, unique in its design as an 'Open Cable', utilises spectrum sharing technology, meaning that consortium members are free to independently select their own cable station transmission technology which ultimately determines the number of carriers used on a fiber pair and their underlying supported payload data rate.

The Indigo cable systems will land in existing facilities operated by the consortium members in Singapore, Australia, and Indonesia. Each consortium member will have spectrum ownership providing the ability to independently take advantage of future technology advancements and future upgrades as required.